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Year  2018
Duration  13 x 26"
Production Partners  Telegael, The Outlook Company, Splash Entertainment
Genre  Action / Adventure for 6-12. A Netflix Original Series

In an epic tale of bravery and heroism, Kulipari: Dream Walker takes us deeper into the action-packed tale of an unconventional hero. After the destruction of the Amphibilands, this season continues the story in Nova Australis which is protected by an elite group of super-powerful Kulipari warriors with their poison-enhanced abilities lead by our hero, Darel, former wood frog and now The Blue Sky King.

Here the Frogs, Lizards, Spiders, Platypuses and even Scorpions – are attempting to live in peace but threats from the Outback are causing increasing concern; bandits, rogue Scorpions, and even savage raiders from the dark city of Cardigal. When the evil and extremely powerful Lord Darkan of Cardigal captures a young Kulipari whose abilities are the stuff of legend, it is time for Darel to lead a rescue mission – leaving Nova Australis in the care of young, inexperienced Kulipari who must quickly learn to be the heroes they were meant to be.