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Year  2016
Duration  52 X 7"
Executive Producers  Paul Cummins, Alfio Bastiancich, Mark Mertens, Steve Walsh
Producers  Annita Romanelli, Giulia Vada, Gert Driesen, Cathy Ní Fhlaithearta, Stefania Gallo, Ernesto Paganoni
Director  Ernesto Paganoni
Creative Director Stefania Gallo
Production Companies  Telegael, Showlab, Grid Animation, Rai Fiction
Genre  Entertainment

YO and YO aren’t just normal twins. The two seven-year-olds have an amazing imagination that transports them into their imaginary world where every adventure can only be resolved with the two of them working as one. With the help and guidance of their dog RAGOO, who in their fantasy world transforms into a talking dog, Yo and Yo travel to different worlds in each episode, but all with familiar easy-to-recognise characteristics for our young audiences.