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wissper snow
Year  2015
Duration  52 x 7 minutes
Executive Producer  Dan Good, Ulli Stoef, Jo Daris, Nick Wilson, Paul Cummins
Producer  Karina Stanford-Smith, Cathy Ní Fhlaithearta
Director  Kevin Snoad
Production Partners  Telegael, Absolutely Cuckoo, Discreet and M4E
Genre  CGI childrens animation

WISSPER is a pint-sized animal whisperer who helps creatures around the world.

52 x 7 minute animated comedy dramas for 4-7 year olds with a strong underlying theme of animals and their environments. Created by Dan Good & written by Nick Wilson.

Wissper is a regular, slightly quirky little girl; she could be living next door to you… Except for one tiny, little thing - she can talk to animals! She can sense their feelings, empathise with their problems and hear their voices. And the animals know this - creatures of all shapes and sizes instinctively know that when they have an issue, Wissper will find the solution. This makes Wissper's house the first port of call for animals in distress and when they pop up with a problem, Wissper travels with them to their natural home to help.

With cute, funny and exotic animals, awesome adventures, laughs and imaginative, quirky drama at the core of each story; Wissper, the animal whisperer, is a natural hero for young viewers everywhere!