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Blood Punch

blood punch gun point
Year  2015
Duration  107 minutes
Executive Producer  Eddie Guzelian,  Madellaine Paxson & Paul Cummins
Producer  Fred Schaefer, Fleur Saville, Ethan Pines
Director  Madellaine Paxson
Production Partners  Telegael
Genre  Live-action feature film
Languages  English
Distributor  Acort International
Locations  USA and Ireland

A mysterious "bad girl" checks herself into rehab to find someone who can cook meth for her. After breaking him out, she draws him into a dangerous love triangle with her abusive dirty cop boyfriend and their get-rich-quick drug score plan. Everything goes horribly, violently wrong... and then the next day, they do it again in this genre-bending, neo-noir time-shifting, whiplash of a movie.