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Na Bunions

barney bunion warehouse bust
Year  2014
Duration  1x 52", 5 x 26"
Executive Producer  Enda Boner
Producer  Aodh Mac Fhionnghaile /Cúl a Tigh
Director  Charlie Mc Carthy
Production Partners  Telegael/TG4 /BAI
Genre  Live-action Drama

Na Bunions is a 6 part live-action comedy series for adult audiences.

Barney Bunion is looking for a new career after returning from the USA where he worked as a Store Detective.  Barney is married but has no children.

Together with his brother Cecil, he decides that a career as a private detective might be the correct career path.   Neither Cecil nor Barney realise the complicated and twisted goings on that are about to come their way.  The boys establish their Private Detective Agency with plenty of comical capers.