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Year  2006-2007
Duration  52 x 13 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins, Paul Young, Tom Van Waveren
Director  Aidan Harte
Production Partners  The Cartoon Saloon, Ireland & Hoek, Line & Thinker; Holland
Genre  Childrens Animation

A short-sighted Stork delivers a baby Skunk to the wrong address: China! In the enchanted Oriental countryside our young hero Skunk is brought up by his wise old master Panda, who patiently teaches him the Art of Kung Fu. The good animals of the valley live in fear of the evil Dragon who lurks in the mountain caves.

Skunk is very brave but very impetuous. He must learn to master Kung Fu and to master his temper if he is to defeat Dragon. This leads to many adventures with humor, action....and Zen!
Skunk-Fu is a co-production between Hoek, Line & Thinker, Holland, The Cartoon Saloon, Ireland & Telegael.

Series Broadcasters include: BBC, UK; TG4, Ireland; Super RTL, Germany; SVT Sweden and S4C, Wales.