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Inis Cool

The Island of Inis Cool characters
Year  2005
Duration  26 x 13 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins, Gerry Sheerin, Ariane Payen, Il-Ho Kim.
Producer  Siobhán Ní Ghadhra, Russell Boland, Harry Kim, Lilian Eche.
Director  David mcCamley
Production Partners Terraglyph, Ireland; Ocon, Korea & Lux Animation, Luxembourg. 
Distributor Ireland Telegael/Terraglyph
International Distributor Granada International
Genre  Childrens Animation

The Island Of Inis Cool is a refreshing animation series that could only be set on an isolated island off an unknown coast of Ireland. Indeed, Inis Cool represents a cultural fault-line where time doesn't stand still, so much as loiters a bit. Our heroes, the three dim-witted schoolboys Biff, Boff and Ben O'Malley, amuse and annoy with their cheeky attitudes and outrageous antics. They live on a remote island but, when the modern world intrudes, tourists and technology are exploited without mercy in the interests of the boys and their comical ambitions.
Series broadcasters include: KIKA, Germany; TG4, Ireland; YLE Finland; TV Estonia; NPB, Holland; BBC, Scotland and many other international broadcasters.