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Igam Ogam (Series 2)

Igam Ogam Series 2
Year  2013
Duration  26 x 11 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins & Robin Lyons
Producer  Siobhán Ní Ghadhra
Director  Ben Halliwell
Production Partners  Telegael, Mount Stuart Media Limited t/a Calon, Channel 5, S4C, ZDF, TG4
Genre  Stop Motion Animation

Igam Ogam is a TV program for pre-school children set in prehistory. It stars cave girl Igam Ogam, her pet dinosaur Doggie and friends Triple Tog the sabre-toothed tiger, Roly Monkey, Birdie the Pteradactyl and Big Daddy the T-Rex. Head back in time to the Stone Age where Igam Ogam, the fun-loving little cave girl, explores her prehistoric planet. For curious Igam Ogam every day means a new adventure!