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Katie and Rookie

Year In development 2010/2011
Duration 52 x 11 minutes animation series
Executive Producer Paul Cummins
Producers Siobhán Ní Ghadhra and Fred Schaefer
Partners Copernicus Canada
Genre Preschool 4-6 years

Katie & Rookie  ... at first look - an unlikely pairing. A five year old girl with a big bright smile and yellow wellies - best friends with a sweet, innocent and comical crow!
But Katie & Rookie have really many things in common! Both share a love of the natural world, exploring all that lies waiting beneath a rock in the garden, a pile of colourful leaves or in a puddle after it rains. Both are full of wonder as they enter the big wide world, sometimes stumbling as they do, but always supporting each other nevertheless.
At home, in the garden, at the playgound or around the pond - Katie & Rookie's view of the world encourages children to open their eyes and see the wonders of nature lying in wait for them just outside their own door and learn that on the big beautiful planet where we live we are all part of the diverse, yet interconnected family. Above all, it's so much fun!