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Galactik Football 3

Galactik Football 3
Year 2009 - 2011 
Duration  26 x 26 minutes
Executive Producer  Clément Calvet and Paul Cummins
Producer  Justine Huynh Van Phuong
Director  Dominique Etchecopar

You’ve watched a football match, but have you ever seen it played with a mystic flux force? Aliens, Wambas, Xenons, Technoids and boys & girls all compete in this ultimate sci-fi sports special and play the kind of football kids can only dream of. One team of assortment of players, the Snow Kids, has its own secret weapon player, cool girls, dynamo striker and a pair of goofy dudes who make it all look so easy. Football, mesmerizing play and teen drama, coupled with amazing planets, high-tech playgrounds and scary enemies all makes the series a compelling watch.