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Four Eyes

Four Eyes character
Year 2006
Duration  52 x 13 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins, Fred Schaefer, Gilbert Hus, Bruce D. Johnson, William T. Baumann, Philippe Lenget.
Producer  Siobhán Ghadhra
Director  Patrick Claeys
Production Partners  Porchlight Entertainment, USA; Pictor Media, France & Agogo, China.
Distributor Ireland  Telegael
Series Broadcasters include:  TG4, Ireland; France 3, Nickelodeon Australia, Nickelodeon Asia, Disney Italy.
Genre  Childrens Animation

Telegael teamed up with PorchLight Entertainment and with French producer Pictor Media to co-produce FOUR EYES, this exciting animated television series about an alien girl EMMA who is attending a boarding school on earth. FOUR EYES was created by Darryl Kluskowski.