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Dive Olly Dive

Dive Olly Dive
Year  2006 - 2010
Duration  104 x 12 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins, Mike Young, Liz Young, Bill Schultz
Producer  Siobhán Ní Ghadhra and Peter Anderson
Director  Bob Baxter
Production/Partners  Telegeal, Flying Bark Productions, GDC Assets Management, Mike Young Productions.
Distributor Moonscoop
Genre  Animation

Splash down into the most wonderfully adventurous preschool show ever produced! In "Dive Olly Dive!" two young submarines named Olly and Beth experience the joys and challenges of life in their underwater world, much in the same way that preschoolers experience life in their world. Their playground is the gentle yet vast blue ocean, teeming with friends, discovery, and adventure. Each episode is filled with simple dilemmas and obstacles that provide opportunities for the characters to develop problem-solving skills through their curiosity, inventiveness, and enthusiasm.