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Bunny Maloney

Bunny Maloney
Year  2007-2009
Duration  52 x 12 minute
Co-Production  Telegael and France Animation
Genre  Animation series
Distribution  Taffy Entertainment
Broadcaster  France 3

Amidst the neon signs and the pulsing rhythms of Bunnyville, you will find four very unlikely friends: Bunny Maloney, Candy Bunny, Jean-François and Stan Ookie. At their worst, they are a conflicted band of self-absorbed neurotics. At their best, they are the self-appointed Superhero Crime Fighters of PROTECTEAM who combat the daily diabolical threats of the evil scientist Professor Débilouman. On any given day, you can expect PROTECTEAM to engage in a great battle...whether it be a rip-roaring argument between Bunny and Candy...a vigorous game of Bust-a-para-dance with their alien roommate Jean-François...a heated debate with the genius Japanese badger gadget-inventor Stan Ookie...or a wildly destructive rampage across Bunnyville to battle a Mecha monster created by their nemesis Professor Débilouman!