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Annabels Kitchen

Annabels Kitchen
Year  2011
Duration  30 x 11 minutes
Executive Producer  Paul Cummins, Annabel Karmel, Stephen Margolis
Producer  Siobhán Ní Ghadhra, Kwesi Dickson, Nick Karmel, Pete Coogan, Martin Baker, John Brady
Director  Adrian Hedley
Partners  CITV; Future Films;  Absolutely Delicious Cupcakes Production Ltd; Telegael
Genre  Pre-school Live-action

Children and their parents lose themselves in the magical world of
Annabel's Kitchen where everything is fun, interesting, exciting -and full of
surprises.Each episode follows its own comical storyline to encourage the
viewing audience and inspire children to cook along with their parents.
During each episode a group of children come and hang out in Annabel's
stylish yet homely loft apartment, where Jimmy the penguin lives in a
converted fridge.  Often the children and their friends have problems
relating to food, so Annabel and her team take the gang on a culinary
journey of exploration to come up with a winning solution in a humorous, light-hearted way.