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Alexander and Pete

Alexander and Pete watch TV
Year In development
Duration 26 x half hour live-action series
Executive Producer Paul Cummins
Producer Siobhán Ní Ghadhra
Director Simon Hynd
Genre Tween
Partners Baby Cow and Super RTL Germany
Creators Barbara Slade

Alexander and Pete is a live-action comedy series for a tween audience. The show's main protagonist, Alexander (13) is a loveable "cool" kid with two best friends, a devoted Dad, a totally teenage sister, and one main passion in life...magic! An amateur magician, Alexander is an expert on its history and knows everything there is to know about its famous magicians. He's got an Encyclopedia of Magic as well as a treasured box full of tricks. He's got pictures and posters, coins and cards, but the one thing Alexander doesn't have is any knowledge of his true powers. But Alexander's life is about to change with the sudden arrival of an extraordinary new friend...a six hundred-year-old talking rabbit named Pete!